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Chris & Katie M.

Thank you Betsy!

Our dog watch fence has made a world of difference to our family. We rescued two 5 month old black lab puppies in February 2011. By April, we were looking for a solution to give them more exercise in hopes of redirecting some of their energy. Betsy was a great trainer and taught us how to reinforce the boundaries.

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Chris & Katie M.

Elizabeth M.

I interviewed several local electric fence companies prior to deciding to go with Betsy Kemble and DogWatch. I felt very comfortable with Betsy and found her training style with Scarlett very warm and caring. Scarlett took to her immediately and has done extremely well with her new found freedom. I was, at first, concerned about the collar on such a little dog, but we rarely take it off as she likes to go in and out frequently and since day one, it has never seemed to bother her. Scarlett is a Pomeranian weighing in at about 8 lbs. Prior to installation, Scarlett tried to escape every time the door opened, causing great frustration on our end and legitimate danger to her as she would head right for the street. She loves her freedom, we love that we don't have to chase after her anymore and we know she is safe. Since installation a year ago, we have had two service issues due to lightning and both times Betsy has responded immediately. Biggest is not always the best....we highly recommend Betsy and her company!

Valerie and Joe B.

My wife Valerie, our year old Lab, Annabel and I moved into our new house in April of this year. We've owned Labs for nearly thirty years and know how energetic and playful they can be. They also love to run and roam. So, when we moved into our five acre rural home, we knew that we'd have to make a decision about how to keep Annie safe. The thought of her chasing after a deer or other animal and getting lost or worse was a very scary thought for both of us.

We looked into putting up a fence but that was extremely costly and not what we wanted. Annie wasn't a dog that was meant to be fenced in. She loves to hunt and explore, run and play. A friend of ours recently put in a Dog Watch fencing system and they said that their Beagle hadn't run away since it was installed. Misty was a roamer and she followed her nose far and wide. So, we took their advice and called Dog Watch. Betsy, it was the best decision that we've made in a very long time.

You came for a look at our property and made great reccomendations. There was no pressure and you were a true professional with a wealth of knowledge of your product. The next day we decided to install the Dog Watch system around nearly the entire five acre property! What a great decision that was. In a few short days the system was up (or in the ground) and running. Annie learned so fast that within a couple of weeks she knew exactly where she could go. She loves the freedom and the ability to chase squirrels, deer (no chance of catching them either) and other things. She loves to play in her huge new world here in the woods.

We love the Dog Watch system because it was much more affordable than a fence. It preserves the natural beauty of the land because you can't see it. Best of all, you were there throughout the install process, the training and even followed up to make sure that Annie was doing well. Thanks again Betsy! The Dog Watch fence was the best thing that we could have done for Annabel. We allowed her to be a dog and she loves her new home and her freedom.

Chris & Katie M.

Our dog watch fence has made a world of difference to our family. We rescued two 5 month old black lab puppies in February 2011. By April, we were looking for a solution to give them more exercise in hopes of redirecting some of their energy. After getting several estimates we chose Dog Watch fencing and Betsy's training program. The installation was performed within a week and training began immediately. After 4 visits the dogs were completely trained. Betsy was a great trainer and taught us how to reinforce the boundaries.

Six weeks later our dogs are free to romp around the yard, get tons of exercise and are happier than ever. No more accidents in the house, chewing the coffee table, ripping up the rug etc. Their behavior is much improved and has dramatically reduced the stress level of having two high energy pups in the household. Thank you Betsy!

Barbara and Al

Sambuca and Sabria love to trot around the yard now that we have our Fence. Each time they go out they fly around everywhere. Sabria loves sitting on top of the rock wall that she worked on for about a week. She dug out the rocks and the dirt looking for the chipmunks but thankfully she never caught one. Sam loves to fetch and run!

Al and I are very grateful for your very professional and supportive training methods. The Hidden Fence is wonderful and the dogs have adjusted beautifully to it and to your patient training. We have had no breakthroughs and feel very confident in letting the dogs outside to run and play. Thanks again for all your help, your wonderful sense of humor and for Lily's help too!

Marianne R.

I telephoned Garrett and he responded the next day. He came to our home with a set appointment and was professional and personable. As soon as the weather cleared up, he installed the electronic fence, answered all questions and can back after three days to review and make sure our dog was properly trained. I would recommend DogWatch to anyone considering an electronic fence.

Beth D.

Garrett is super friendly and easy to work with--he did a fantastic job setting everything up and helping me train my two dogs to learn their boundaries. The system works great. I highly recommend DogWatch.

Ryan W.

I've installed these before and know the ins and outs of systems from having a dog on them many years ago. The DogWatch technology has come a long way and Garrett did a great job installing the fence for us. Our property is not an easy one - lots of ledge - and he gave our dog the perfect area to play in. We have a puppy and his recommendations for training the dog made an almost immediate impact in how our dog behaved which allows us to take full advantage of the fence system. Would hire him again.

Christine D.

Impressive service! We needed to re-route our existing fence in June 2016. Owner was able to assist us with the design and layout and he was prompt, courteous , and great to work with! Fast forward to December 2016, landscaper accidentally cut the wire! We called and were scheduled with same day service! We highly recommend DogWatch of the Ocean State!

John N.

DogWatch is awesome. Adding an underground fence in my yard was a real challenge because two of my neighbors had underground fences on different frequencies and from different brands. I had about seven companies take a look and quote me. Garrett was the only one who could tell me exactly what the other neighbors had and what he would do to make mine work. Not only did he do a perfect job, his pricing was one of the best I received. Highly recommend.

Jeremy H.

It's hard to describe the level of professionalism and quality service I received when working with Garret. He addressed all my concerns and all the work was completed on time and as quoted. As far as I'm concerned he's the only guy I will ever use and would recommend his services to anyone!!!

John A.

Such an amazing job done by Garret!!! Absolute professional and my fur babies loved him. I can't thank you enough for the hard work and being on time (it's how I judge people along with whether my dogs like you or not).

Ron J.

Absolute professionals. I can't say enough great things. I have 3 dogs and couldn't be happier. Very responsive and thorough.


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